A Wicked Poster


I love the musical "Wicked" hardcore (just don't get me started on the book.  BLARGH).  I've loved Stephen Schwartz for a long time, and he and co. didn't disappoint when I saw this a few years ago.  Ever since, the music has been one of the few mainstays on my ever-changing art playlist. (By the way, if you ever get the chance check out the German cast recording.  The Elphaba will knock your socks off.  Guaranteed).

I've drawn my fair share of Wicked fanart, including a "Silas" version Elphaba's costume.  I had the crazy idea of putting together a pseudo movie poster together and this is what happened.

All of the elements were drawn separately and assemble in Photoshop.  I vectored the outline of the city from scratch, and used the official graphics as reference for the main logo.  The original layout actually featured a lot more, including some flying monkeys, Madame Morrible and a silouette of Fiyero and Elphaba embracing.  But while I was doing a test layout with the pencil scans the image was waaayyy too cluttered, so I cut it down to this.

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