Putting the "Sex"
back in "Sexpionage"


I wanted to draw someone with hella cleavage and couldn't decide on who.  Brad was all "if you aren't afraid of coloring black you should draw Black Widow."  I had her in mind to doodle but was finding gun and karate poses boring today and wasn't coming up with anything good.  Brad joked that I should have her pulling on her zipper and I was like "DONE."  :3

This was a pretty simple piece to pull off, though getting everything to look all shiny was tricky.  Honestly one of the hardest parts was trying to decide what color to make her bra.  XD  I've been asked whether Black Widow is pulling her zipper up or down.  For a little bit I tried to decide just that but in the end I thought it would be better (and easier) to leave that detail ambiguous.  ^_~

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