Windblade wielding
the Witchblade


This pic happened pretty much because alliteration is awesome.  :3

Almost everytime I would see a thread about Windblade I would think it read "Witchblade" at first.  So after a while I had the phrase "Windblade With the Witchblade" stuck in my head and this happened.  :D

It was just a quick doodle at first and then it rolled into a finished piece.  If I learned anything from this I learned that I should probably doodle with non-photo blue pencils because this was hard as hell to ink and get cleaned up to scan.  I drew this with a regular #2 pencil on normal typing paper so not only did I have to erase some pretty heavy pencil lines after inking I also had to go over most of the lines again since the inks got rubbed out pretty hard.  Essentially I had to ink this twice.

And I HATE inking.

Windblade is pretty fun to draw and I dig her colors so this probably won't be the last you see of her from me.  I haven't been able to run out to the comic store and pick up her book so I can't talk much about that yet, but what I've seen of Sarah Stone's work so far I have a pretty good idea that the art is VERY righteous.  So much that I tried my best not to crib off of her style when I was looking at Windblade refs.  ^_^'

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