The Witchblade


Witchblade is one of those comics where if you say you like it because of the writing, you're full of crap.  XD  (This can be said of almost all of the new comics during the early 2000's).

You'd think I would draw Witchblade more, for obvious reasons.  I've tried a few times before this piece, but never could get it right.  For some odd reason I thought I'd give it another shot over the weekend and I think I finally found my sea legs so to speak.

The first image I worked on was the kneeling pose.  I went for a sort of Bettie Paige look so I would be working off of something I was more familiar with.  The pose lent itself to a pair of stiletto boots, so I thought I'd go all-out and give her some mean-looking stripper heels.  The pose came out so well I decided to try my luck again and draw a second pic.  I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so I edited them together as a combo piece (the uncropped version of the bigger shot is below).  I played with the colors on her "armor" a bit.  From the reference art I found her armor is usually the same color/tint as the Witchblade.  But for my piece I wanted Sara's gauntlet to stand out a bit so I made it glossier with a slightly green tint as opposed to the blue tint I gave the rest of the stuff.

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