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There's been quite a hubbub about Wonder Woman's new outfit, and this is me weighing-in.  C'mon guys, it ain't so bad.  It could've been a lot worse and anyone who thinks this is permanent just doesn't really read comics.  While I prefer the classic look, this outfit is actually pretty snazzy methinks.  Besides, I personally think that folks should be more upset over her origin changes rather than what the hell she's wearing, but that's just me...

I based my art on the first Jim Lee art that was released when news of this was going around.  The art hinted that her pants were made out of segmented armor panels so I ran with that idea, rather than the flat spandex look they've been using in the comics.  This was tricky to draw, but kind of fun at the same time.  So I might do a follow-up later down the road.  ^_^

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