Her Invisible Jet


I had the urge to draw Wonder Woman again the other day.  Part of it was due to the fact that I've been watching Super Friends lately.  The other reason being that I've never really been happy with the way I draw Diana.  ^_^;

This started out as a quick doodle and evolved to a much bigger piece.  I wanted to make the pose a little more interesting than a simple pinup, so I adjusted the sketch a bit to include her Invisible Jet, and then the whole idea began to revolve around it.  I dumped the original doodle and started a new, much bigger sketch.  I drew the lineart for the jet afterwards, so I could adjust the angle and composition around Wondy's pose.  As for the "coloring" an Invisible Jet, I borrowed a lot from ideas I've seen elsewhere.  There are probably easier/better ways of going about it, but in my case a lot of Photoshop blur tools went into shading the jet here.  XD

As with the rest of my Wonder Woman pieces, I look back on this one and shake my head a bit.  But not as much as I would with past attempts, so I guess that means I'm getting somewhere.  ^_^

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