I honestly don't know too much about X-23.  I do know that she's Wolverine's daughter/clone and she's got claws on her feet.  And her name is Laura.  Or Linda...?  Okay, so I might know less than I thought I did.  I do know that she looks pretty cool so I decided to draw her over the weekend.

Drawing X-23 was a little tougher that this pic might let on.  I'm used to drawing much bustier females and had to correct myself more than once when it came to her upper body.  I tried channeling Avril Lavigne in X-23 here to nail down that lithe teenager look so she didn't end up looking like a short adult.

I also played around with her outfit, combining aspects of her many other threads into a look I liked.  I drew the first sketch without the mask since I liked the contrast her baby blues made with the rest of the color scheme, but I also dig her X-Factor mask with the spooky red eyes.  So I whipped up a quick bust piece to go along with the full-figure art to make this sort of a collage.

As far as the colors go, the simpler animation cel shading was a happy accident.  I drew myself into a rock and a hard place with all of the black involved here (her hair, her suit, the gloves, boots etc) and was stressing over how to go about coloring this.  When I was blocking in the rough shading, the two-tone shadows ended up looking really good, so I just cleaned that up to what you see here.  ^_^

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