Joins the X-Men


I've had a lot of requests to draw a superheroine version of Elsa and tried a couple on my own but nothing really stuck to the wall so I never got past the doodle stages.  The other day I was watching some 90's X-Men cartoons and thought "Yeah, that's the ticket" and started sketching and this outfit appeared.  At first I wasn't going to do a serious pic because, yeah, it's pretty much 90's Rogue's outfit.  But then I thought "To hell with it, this is my art and I'll draw what I damn well please."  :3

Nothing much to say about the design other than that.  The boots were actually the noodle-scratcher and ended up going the cheap way out and slapped some lines kinda/sorta symbolizing her shoes.  I also threw some of those weird tech straps around her shoulders like Kitty Pryde used to wear so Elsa wouldn't look TOO much like a palate-swapped Rogue.  XD

I'm glad I decided to draw this because in the end it was a lot of fun.  Also a few of my cosplay friends are already talking about making this costume so I guess I did something right... ^_^

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