Happy 50th,


Here's a piece I hastily threw together when I realized that I missed the X-Men's 50th anniversary by almost a month.  XD

Originally I wanted to draw a grand piece with a hundred different characters doing awesome shit but all the ideas I had kinda bored me.  Then the image of a goofy sort of family portrait popped into my head and I ran with it, because that's what really draws me back to the X-Men...family.  They're dysfunctional at best and broken at worst, but they're a family.  I know Jubillee would have been a better choice for the character wrangling the other two but I like Rogue better, and her, Storm and Cyclops have always been my favorites.

So from the scrawny grade school kid who you taught that being different is okay, here's to fifty more years.  Happy Anniversary, X-Men!  ^_^

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