I still have yet to watch all of Gurren Laggann, but it seems like every online artist is require to draw Yoko at some point.  So here goes...  XD

This actually started as sort of a dare from a friend of mine.  When I drew this I was just getting over a nasty head cold and wanted to start working again, so I figured Yoko is a good a subject as any.  ^_^

 The pose is a little wacky, but given the source material I think I'm okay.  I'm not entirely thrilled with her face here, but that's what second tries down the road are for.  Yoko's boots also gave me some issues, but in the end I sort of gave up and winged it.  The inks could have been better, but they're not horrible either.  I actually drew this on a rather large piece of leftover print paper, so I had to scan it in two sections and reassemble the piece afterwards.  The colors came out really nice, even with the uninspired background.  XD

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