"But You Have Me!"


I promised myself that I'd never draw sick Kaori but I REALLY wanted to draw something from this scene (though honestly this got kickstarted because I wanted to draw her bear slippers :3).  This has been on the backburner for about a month because it's got a lot of elements I haven't really drawn before and I didn't want to screw it up by rushing through it (I spent a couple days just on the background  :O).  Since I inked every element in its own color I also seperated them all in their own layer (I kept the color swatches I used when bouncing back and fourth to touch up the inks to show you what I'm talking about).  In the colors I added an extra blur layer on top of the inks to make Kaori glow a bit.  :D

I guess in the end it's nothing really special, the techniques I used aren't all that different than what I usually do, but it was still a really nice,serene piece of art to work on.  ^_^

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