Your lie in April


This big ol' wonderful headache of Kaori art actually began as a sketch.  I was doodling Kaori while making an unfortunate houseguest watch Your lie in April with me.  I ended up liking said doodle and scanned it in.  I'm not really sure how but the idea of making it a collage popped into my head and I sketched the other two Kaori pics next to the scanned pencils and it took off from there.

Usually when I get pencil and ink stages ready to post I try to seperate them so I can hide how much of a mess my work is, but here I kept the sketches and lineart as-is so you can see all the pieces.  I did Kaori's pink skirt as its own element since I was gonna make it a little transparent.  On the right Kaori's arm and bow are seperate so I could play with the focal point.

This whole thing had a lot more bits and pieces and such than I usually put into my art, but it was a lot of fun.  Then again drawing this crazy girl is always fun.  :D

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