Princess Yue


I rented The Last Airbender the other night and didn't like it.  Then again, I didn't really like the series, but I'll admit that the cartoon was tons better than the flick.  :/  I've actually seen a good bit of the series regardless thanks to my friend Meredith, and it ended up being kind of helpful.  It's the only reason I knew what the hell was going on in the movie.  XD

The only positive thing to me was the actress that played Yue was really pretty.  So much that I whipped this up.  It's not perfect, but not bad for a sketch I doodled up waiting for work to end and using only two crappy screencaps I found.  I emphsized her eyes because I thought they were her most striking feature, compounded by the bright blue contacts she was sporting.  I also did some flourishing on her collars and went crazy with her hair.  The line colors on her hair were a happy accident, but they work.  The fill colors use a red base while the hair outline uses a blue and I think they both work to give it a kind of translucent effect.  ^_^

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