I've been reading the new Zatanna series and this piece is loosely based on Stephane Roux's work in the first couple of issues (I emphasize loosely, because the man really knows how to draw).  I worked on this piece while talking to my friend Cathy as she worked on some costume commissions.  Originally Z wasn't sporting her trademark tophat because I suck at drawing hats, on the head or otherwise (I toyed around with having the have in her free hand, but that didn't work either).  Cathy kept bugging me and bugging me about her not having the hat and I finally said "I'll draw the hat if I can find a reference I can hold."

Cathy called my bluff and pulled a miniature tophat off one of her shelves.  XD

With the reference, the pic turned out pretty good.  I had planned to use a pattern for the fishnets, but while inking decided to try hand-drawn fishnets instead and it worked out well.  The pose on the hands and legs turned out really well too, and the magic bubbles really help sell the motion of the whole piece.  ^_^

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