Alpha Monarch


The obvious endgame to all of the Princess Targetmaster Transformers I've been drawing over the past month or so (shout-out to Josh for helping me nail down the combiner name :D).  The components are:

Cinderella:  Upper Torso
Anna:  Right Arm
Elsa:  Left Arm
Rapunzel:  Lower Torso
Pocahontas:  Right Leg
Ariel:  Left Leg

This is my first time drawing a combiner, much less an original design, so I was pretty scared going into this and kinda surprised coming out at how well it ended up.  :O

A Princess Gestalt wasn't always the plan.  I started with the Frozen sisters and thought I would stop there.  But after I started Rapunzel I knew I wanted to tackle Pocahontas and Ariel and had one of those "Y'know what would be neat...?" kinda thoughts.  After that I started brainstorming Cinderella knowing I wanted her as the torso.  Originally Alpha Monarch was gonna be a five-bot combiner with Cinderella as the full torso a la Scramble City and Rapunzel was gonna be a big 'ol sword like Combiner Force Drift.  But then I thought that having two bots as the torso would give me more room to play and give my gestalt a more female silouette.  ^_^

A final note: if you're worried that I'm not going to draw your favorite Disney Princess as a Transformer and are thinking of commissioning me, let me stop you right there.  Because, 1) I'm not done yet, and, 2) It would be VERY VERY VERY expensive.  XD

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