Alternate Cover


With the print version of Optimus Prima: Reformatted finally done, I thought I'd show you guys what almost was.  ^_^

Comic book covers are almost always better than the interior art, right?  So I thought I'd get someone with a helluvalot more talent to help me out with the cover for mine.  Obviously, my go-to gal was the uber-talented Tracy Bailey of Catena fame.  I hacked out the pencils for her and she magically inked and colored what I had and punched out an awesome final piece for me (How awesome is it?  You can barely tell that I had anything to do with it in the final colors.  THAT'S how awesome  XD).  <3

But if you picked up the final print version, you obviously know that this didn't make the cut.  Tracy did an amazing job, obviously... but there was something "off" about the cover that I couldn't quite put my finger on at first.  A few days passed and I finally realized that I had put too much on the cover and made it too busy.  I needed to simplify everything and bring it back to the basics.

Tracy is crazy-busy, so I went solo on the second and final image.  But I wanted to post this here so Tracy's work can still see the light of day.  It might not have made it to print, but it's still a very cool piece on its own.  :D

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