"Isn't This Amaaazing?"


Everytime I'm getting ready for a Disney trip I wanna draw something with food.  Because eating at Disney is amazing, that's why.  XD  I wrestled with a couple ideas but then I decided I wanted to do something with Belle since I'm meeting my friend Julie there and Belle is her girl.  :3  I had my first mug of Lefou's Brew on my last trip and I've been craving a pork shank so this pic happened.  :D

The background is part of Gaston's Tavern but it's not crazy obvious so I gave Belle a Mickey ear hat so it's clear that she's at the parks.  I gave Meeko a generic hat in my last Disney food pic so I decided that Belle should be super cool and wear her own themed hat this time around.  :D :D :D  (After seeing what the Belle hat looks like I might pick one up for myself now... :O)

At first I was gonna be lazy and just copy and paste the goblet Belle art onto this but I couldn't find a nice enough version of it so I just sketched it on there myself.  XD

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