I whipped this up after working on this Rarity pic.  That one gave me a lot of trouble, so I thought I'd wander back into my comfort zone.  ^_^

Applejack is pretty awesome, and I thought she'd be an easy one to whip up a human counterpart for.  Originally I was going to draw a human Rarity first, but a cowgirl seemed like a lot more fun to tackle first.  Obviously there's some Daisy Duke influence going on here, and the cowboy boots were a lot of fun since it's something I don't usually draw.  And I have to admit that the "apple" bandana hanging out of her pocket was a stroke of genius, though I can't take full credit for that idea (thanks Tracy!  :3)

I went for more of a cel animation style of coloring after the lineart ended up coming out so cartoony, which is a plus in my book considering the source material.  After the obligatory Rarity gets drawn I might go back and draw all of the ponies as humans.  It might be a bit before I do, though.  There are quite a few pieces like this going around and I wanna come up with my own solid ideas so I'm not plagiarising someone else's hard work.  ^_^;

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