April's Guns


Wow...those are some big boobies...O.O


Err, anyways... I drew April a few days ago and with almost all of my finished pieces I looked back at it and thought "I can do better next time."  This follow-up is in fact an improvement, and I'm not just talking about her bust size.  XD  I think it's mainly due to the fact that I did better with her hairstyle this time around.

Remember April's original action figure?  Of course you do.  It was pretty badass, and one main reason is that she had a camcorder accessory that was actually a disguise for a pistol.  How awesome is THAT?

"Shredder's at it again?  Hang back, fellahs.  I've got my Glock."

If only.  If only...

Obviously I liked that feature with the toy, so I thought I'd have this new April pic showing that off.  It was also too good of a pun to pass, so yeah.  Boobs.  I honestly didn't mean to make them THAT big and hadn't really noticed the size until I scanned in the pencils.  But then I thought "whatever."

Did you just nod at that?  Pervert.

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