"In the name of the moon I WILL FUCK YOU UP."

After having so much fun drawing Sailor Moon for the first time in God knows how long I knew I wanted to jump right back in.  My buddy Cathy suggested a while ago that I should draw her all torn up after a fight and I took her up on that.  :D

Drawing a Sailor Moon pic was fun last time and I'm still having a great time drawing her, even with a piece as complicated as this.  Though I did spend a whole lotta time on the inks trying to figure out what I had done with her hair during the pencils.  There are a bunch of weird elements to this pic that don't make much sense and I apologize for that.  I also apologize to my friends who were hanging out with me online while I was working for that since I had the same two songs on repeat for hours while I worked on this.  ^_^;

Lastly, shout-out to Ryan for coming up with the title for this pic.  :3

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