G1 Ironheidi


"High tech circuitry is no replacement for fanservice."

I love me some Ironhide but I've only drawn a G1 version of an Ironhide lady once when I put my 30th anniversary piece together.  :O

To be honest this got done because of the joke made out of Ironhide's catch phrase.  XD  Regardless, the results turned out very not bad.  I knew I wanted this pose from the start but didn't know what she'd be standing on.  Then I thought I'd draw the G1 toy's battle platform thing since it doesn't get much love.  I'm still playing around with this gradient + cel shading thing when coloring and the end piece is a little busier than I was hoping it would be but it's not near as bad as I was afraid it would turn out.  ^_^;

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