Glimmer Doodle


After finishing my Ice Queen piece I felt like drawing something else but had no idea what to start.  Usually when this happens I but a friend of mine until they either suggest something to me or ignore my texts.  My buddy Tracy was unfortunate enough to be on top of my contact list today and she yelled GLIMMER at me (she had no idea that I had just finished drawing Frosta which is kinda freeeeaaaaakyyyyyy :O).

This doodle happened super fast but it was also super satisfying.  Glimmer always had this doe-eyed look in the cartoon so I thought I play up on that with a "what in the hell am I looking at???" expression.  It's my first time drawing Glimmer and I'm already sold.  I kinda wanna draw more of the Great Rebellion now.  We'll see what happens.  ^_~

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