Gorgeous Rose


I started on this almost right after finishing my latest Belldandy pic.  I knew I wanted to draw Peorth next so I started sketching her and her angel.  About thirty seconds in I realized that I decided to draw Peorth because I really wanted to draw her angel, Gorgeous Rose.  So I opened a new blank canvas and started drawing this solo pic.  XD

This was a blast to sketch, not so much to ink and color.  I thought the tangle of vines would trip me up at first (I even ended up drawing and inking them on new layers) but in the end it was her hair and wings that did me in.  I remember taking so many breaks just inking her hair that this took almost three times as long to finish than it should have.  The wings were also deceptively tricky to color, first because I've never really shaded wings like this before and second was due to the bright white background I wanted to go with.  I realized that I was over thinking the lights and shadows on her wings and killed all but two light/shadow layers on it.  Gotta remember to keep it simple, stupid.  ^_^;

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