Nemesis Prima


People are always asking me to recolor Optimus Prima pics into Nemesis Prima but I just can't roll that way.  Repainting a toy is one thing, but changing colors on a piece of art to turn it into a whole other character is different if you ask me.  An Optimus Prima pic and an evil Optimus Prima pic are two different things.  I've drawn a Scourge lady before, but this is my first Nemesis Prima (again, Scourge and Nemesis Prime are two different characters in my eyes, but that's a nerd argument for another day.  XD)

I finished up a Nemesis Arcee pic a little while ago but this was actually started first and what got me wanting to draw an evil Arcee.  I decided to finish it up tonight to blow off some steam after a rough day at work.  The colors turned out nice and bold but it could have been bolder, mostly due to me still not being totally comfortable coloring black outfits.  :O  I went with an actual axe instead of an energy axe weapon hand because I liked the pose around it.  When working with a dark outfit it was tempting to give her a very dark complexion but I thought the opposite would work even better to show off that black and charcoal armor.  :D

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