Powersuit 2.5


Ever since I finished my Powersuit Gal revisit I've been hankering to draw this hot lady again.  And seeing that the follow-up piece to my original Powersuit pic was a lingerie one, I thought I'd do the same this time around.  :3

Putting this together was pretty straightforward as this is pretty much a chick in her underwear.  XD  The biggest note here is the piece getting cropped at the final colors.  I wasn't really happy with how her lower legs turned out so I chopped off the top and bottom of the piece, which I think ended up lending a sort of fashion model photo shoot quality to the whole thing.

This piece shows that I still have a lot to learn about drawing clothes, but I don't mind practicing because this lady is a lot of fun to draw.  I guess I should start thinking of names, huh?  ^_^

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