Disney Princess


I started Princess Angelica right after finishing the sketch for Princess Jean.  I don't know why but Firestar seemed like the perfect Marvel gal to get a Disney Princess makeover.  :D

Firestar's dress ended up looking a lot like Snow White's in lineart form so I poofed her skirt out more and bared her shoulders.  I also put sleeves in so she doesn't look like she stole Belle's ballgown.  At first I was gonna make her bodice black since she wore a black and red jumpsuit in the 90's but I decided against it since I totally dig the yellow, orange and red look.  And Miss Lion.  Because I had to draw Miss Lion.  XD

Firestar's tiara borrows from the one from a certain queen of Arendelle.  ^_~  Another fun fact: Angelica shares the same earrings as Princess Marvel Girl.  I wasn't feeling very creative and I thought they looked good on Firestar too so there.  XD

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