Optimus Prima


This is a sketch I've had on the back burner for a while now, always thinking that I'll get to it "next."  After working on Galaxy Force/Cybertron Prima I thought finally finish this Energon version.  And not a moment too soon since after I dug up the pencils I saw that the file was almost two years old!  :O

The pencil stage is actually a cell phone pic I took since I gave the sketch to a friend and quickly took a snapshot because I realized that I hadn't scanned it yet.  Not that it woulda mattered since the sketch needed a lot more work than I remembered, mostly because of how old it was.  I fixed her proportions and widened her wingspan to better match the toy.

The Energon line gets a lot of hate but I like most of it, and the Optimus Prime figure is still super fun (hence the fan art).  I personally like the "artillery" combined mode more on the toy but I thought a flying pose would be neat for Prima, plus the colors work better in this mode I think.

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