Yoko 2.0


This started as a time-killer and turned into a full-blown crusade.  XD

I was asking a friend for suggestions for what to draw and Yoko here came up.  I've tried drawing Yoko before and failed miserably and I was about to throw this idea out the window and draw someone else instead.  I've never been good at drawing anime stuff and even when I try drawing a character in my style I wind up trying to channel something animoo into the art.  The result is me falling flat on my artistic ass (as was the case with that first Yoko piece I tried).

But here I made a concious effort to go balls crazy and draw this new Yoko my own way.  I made sure her eyes weren't shaped like most anime eyes, and even though bangs give me trouble I didn't look at any art references when drawing her hair.  Even the skull hairclip I did from memory.

I wanted almost everything on Yoko here to be super shiny to make the whole piece, and not just her boobs, "pop" out so I must've spent 5+ hours in Photoshop coloring this.  I worked on this while sitting through two awful horror movies but it was worth it!

The bad news is now I want to see what my other favorite animoo gals would look like in my style...^_^;

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