Zatanna's Hat Trick


Eno rof eht wohs!

Owt rof eht yenom!

Arbadacarba dna sereh a ynnub!

After drawing Black Canary and her hot fishnets a few weeks ago I thought I'd draw Zatanna and her hot fishnets next.  :3

Originally I was going to whip up a Zatanna to make said Black Canary piece a duo piece but decided that she was better off solo in that pic.  When drawing the Mistress of Magic here I didn't want her just standing there looking cool.  I thought her actually doing something would be a lot more fun and her in the middle of a show was just the ticket.  Everybody likes the rabbit trick and I've never really drawn a hot bunny girl before (I know, I'm just as surprised as you) sooooOOOO...^_~  

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