Kaori & Kousei
(Colored sketch)


My second pass on this Kaori and Kousei pic, this time ditching the inking and coloring the pencils.  :3

I posted the pencil stage again here because it's slightly different than the one used for the cel-shaded version.  I cleaned it up a bit and tightened the lines ever so slightly.  I've also included the final sketch with the colored pencil lines to show you the not-so-messy version I used to color with.  The trick was to see how much of the dirt and stray lines I should keep and how much I should erase to get the look I wanted.

Yeah, I could use the same color techniques in an inked piece but it seems to work better when I color a sketch like this.  Maybe I'm stupid and it's all in my head, I dunno.  A bunch of fades and blends just seem to work with messy lines.  I had fun with this but I did get lazy so the food and the background are recycled from the cel-shaded piece with some extra stuff thrown in to match the aesthetic.  XD

It's not as good as my first Kaori piece, but I still dig it.  ^_^

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