Kaori & Kousei


After finishing my first Kaori pic my buddy Danni said I should draw something with Kaori happy and food, so I sketched this idea up since I wanted to try drawing Kousei too.

I wanted to try coloring this two different ways and decided to go with the more traditional cel-shaded look first, because it meant I could get my dreaded nemesis known as "inking" out of the way early in the game.  XD  The inks turned out alright though they were a little tougher this time around because I wanted the lines as thin as possible since the colored sketch version is...well...a colored sketch and I wanted to really show how different the two styles look when put next to each other.

I cheated a bit with the colors since I grabbed the flats from a screencap and tweaked them here and there.  I put in some glows on top of the lineart to give the whole piece a kind of outdoor lighting look.  ^_^

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